HotPads Insurance Center

HotPads Insurance Center

With so many cool homes to choose from and an innovative map-based search engine, it's easy to find your new house or apartment on HotPads. Don't let a burglary, fire or flood ruin the fun. HotPads has great resources to help you protect your place, your belongings and even your car.

Check out the following articles to learn why it's so important to have insurance and where you can get a policy online, quickly and easily. And, as a user of HotPads, you may have the opportunity to get special rates on homeowners, renters and auto insurance.

Insurance Products

    Homeowners Insurance
    Homeowners insurance covers you and your family for most of the events that might cause damage to your home and property. The best time to look for a new home insurance company is before you have to go to closing. Learn more about the different types of policies, figure our how much coverage you need and get a free quote online.

    (Especially since you'll be so happy with the fun and free housing search we offer, you'll want to invite Team HotPads over to celebrate your new place.)

    Renters Insurance
    Insurance is not just for homeowners but also for people who rent. Renters Insurance protects the possessions that matter to you from theft, fire and some types of water damage. Additionally, this coverage is in effect anywhere you go. And the best part? It is affordable.

    Renters insurance is too inexpensive not to have. Learn more about this important coverage and

    Auto Insurance
    Did you know that buying a house or moving to a new zip code can impact your car insurance rates? It's true. With all the excitement of a new move, you can't take your car insurance for granted. This is a great time to evaluate your current coverage.

    Take some time to learn more about how moving can affect your car insurance policy, and how you can save money when you change your policy.

    Life Insurance
    Now that you're getting the big new home with the mortgage to match, you should make sure that your dependents are covered if something should happen to you. Evaluate your needs and learn more about shopping for a policy.

    Flood Insurance
    Your homeowners insurance policy will not protect your home from damage caused by floodwater. You need to know if your home is at risk, and how you can get coverage to protect your home. Visit to check your address and get information on flood insurance. You can even check out the homes that you are interested in buying before you add them to your favorites on HotPads.

    HotPads, Inc. is not an insurance agency or advisory firm. (Have you not read our About Us page?) Do your homework and make an informed decision before buying any type of insurance policy.