Auto Insurance

Thanks for staying with us. Now you're ready to move on to the advanced lessons on car insurance. (Kind of like going from a 1986 Chevy Spectrum to a brand new Corvette.)

As a HotPads user, you're eligible for special rates on auto insurance. You may be eligible to receive even additional savings if you insure both your auto and your home with Liberty Mutual.

Auto Insurance Policy Add-ons

    Additional (and optional) protection
    There is an ever-expanding list of policy add-ons that can make recovering from an accident easier. While these can save you lots of money in the event of an accident, they will typically raise your premiums by a few bucks.

    Rental reimbursement pays for your rental car when your insured vehicle is damaged or stolen. There are typically dollar and time limits for rental coverage, so don't wreck your Gremlin and expect to roll in a Cadillac Escalade while you hold off getting repairs. Emergency roadside assistance is another popular popular add-on. However, our partners at Liberty Mutual offer this feature for free with the purchase of an auto insurance policy. With this coverage, your insurance company will send help in case of a breakdown or flat tire.

    For Easy Riders

      A word about motorcycles
      If you are a rider, know that most companies that insure cars will also insure motorcycles. Research insurance companies to see if they offer motorcycle insurance, as Liberty Mutual does, or talk to the folks at your area motorcycle dealership to see if they have a company that they recommend.

      There are many ways to save money on motorcycle insurance:
      • Get a quote on both your auto and motorcycle -- Many companies offer their best motorcycle rates to customers who also purchase auto insurance, so get a quote on both.
      • Driver Safety Courses. Many companies offer discounts for completion of motorcycle safety courses
      • As a user of HotPads, you are eligible for a special savings on insurance through Liberty Mutual.

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