Are people allowed to not rent to me because I am in college?

Are people allowed to not rent to me because I am in college?


Although it can be difficult to find rentals by owners when you're a young student, it is illegal to be descrimintaed against because of your age. So no, people are not allowed to not rent to you because you are in college. Check out the federal Fair Housing Act of 1968 and the federal Fair Housing Act Amendments Act of 1988 for details around these laws. 

With that said, there are a few tricks for making a good first impression and approaching open houses:

- Show up early and dressed appropriately for the open house. When living with roommates, all should show up.
- Bring proof of income, bank statements if it shows money in reserve, and signed letters from guaranteers.
- Know numbers from previous landlords, as well as any other references they might ask about
- Bring 3 checks each: background/credit check, security deposit, and first month's rent

Showing the property manager that you are financially secure and ready to commit at that exact moment will help you be more successful in winning the home you want.

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