Urban Commuting: Metros That Love and Loathe Car Commuting (And Maps!)

Curious about how your daily commute compares to other urbanites’? So were we. So we delved into the Census’ 5-year ACS data to show you how and by what mode of transport folks in urban metros are getting to work. 
We’ll be pitting metro against metro in a weekly five-part urban commuting series to see which ones have the highest percentage of commuters taking public transit, driving, walking and biking.

In the final installment of the Urban Commuting Series we take a look at those who get to work by personal vehicle, be it a truck, car or motorcycle. Unfortunately, the maps of the metro areas with the highest percentage of car commuters weren’t that exciting to look at (drenched in blue). The maps of the metro areas of the fewest percentages of people commute to work were much prettier, so we’ll list the top 5 metros by percentage of those who drive to work and the bottom 5 metros who hardly ever drive to work (with maps). Click the maps to see the zip codes where people barely get behind the wheel to get to work.

Top 5 Metros With the Highest Percent of Car Commuters

1. Detroit, MI – 92%
2. Houston, TX- 91%
3. San Antonio, TX – 91%
4. Riverside, CA  – 90%
5. Tampa, FL – 89%

Bottom 5 Metros With the Lowest Percent of Car Commuters

1. New York, NY – 57%

Sheet 1

2. Boston, MA – 72%

Sheet 1

3. Washington DC – 73%

Sheet 1

4. Portland, OR – 75%

Sheet 1

5. San Francisco, CA – 79%

Sheet 1

Photo credit: nereocystis