In Which Cities Do Urbanite Canines Get the Most Exercise?

If you’ve ever wondered what Fido does all day while you’re slaving away at your 9-5, you’re not alone. In 2012, the folks at Whistle decided to put an end to the mystery and created the first ever “Fitbit for dogs”.

Fast forward to the present, and Whistle has become a brand-name accessory throughout dog owner households across the country.

We’ve teamed up with the folks at Whistle to rank 10 of the largest cities in the US by the average number of exercise minutes their doggie residents get each day.

So what does this data say about our cities, and the people living in them? Let’s just say that whoever said you can’t own a dog while living the urban dream was clearly dreaming.

  1. Portland 90.8 minutes / day
  2. New York City 83.3 minutes / day
  3. San Francisco 82.8 minutes / day
  4. Boston 80.1 minutes / day
  5. Chicago 79.8 minutes / day
  6. Seattle 76.6 minutes / day
  7. Austin  75.1 minutes / day
  8. Philadelphia 71 minutes / day
  9. Washington, DC 70.1 minutes / day
  10. Los Angeles 70.4 minutes / day

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