Turn Your Dining Room Into A Home Bar

Do you enjoy entertaining, hosting parties, or having your closest friends over for a few last-minute drinks? Would you use a full service bar or cigar (vape) lounge in your home more often than a traditional dining area? If you answered heck yeah, keep reading, this one’s for you…

Why would you turn your dining room into a home bar?

First, home bars are quickly becoming the dining rooms of the future. Home bars offer a relaxed atmosphere to engage with friends, compared to sitting behind a massive dining table.

Second, small urban apartments and condos rarely offer a full size dining area, the home bar fits perfectly within those small niches.

Third, because home bars are hot!

Modern Bar Design

Lundada Consulting
Lundada Consulting

Cigar (Vape) Lounge

bar artistic designs for living
Artistic Designs For Living

Industrial Pub

bar dfs constructs com
DFS Constructs

Bed and Breakfast Retreat

bar jenerations interiors
Jeneration Interiors

Lady’s Lounge

bar janet mallory
Janette Mallory Interior Design

Cocktail Parlour

bar jerry jacobs design
Jerry Jacobs Design

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Full service bar furniture, stools and pub tables are available for purchase at Overstock, Wayfair, and Pottery Barn. Get inspired with home bar design ideas found on Pinterest.

Header photo credit: Richard White Home Designs