Tips on Moving Heavy Pieces of Furniture

Tips on Moving Heavy Pieces of Furniture-otakuchickMoving out boxes may seem like a breeze until you get stuck with bulky pieces of furniture. Attempting to move heavy pieces of furniture is a difficult task, but you have to get them out! If you don’t get creative with your furniture moving strategy, you could end up with a strained back. Use the following tips to help you move heavy furniture in or out of your home:


Empty the drawers.

It’d be nice if we could move a piece of furniture to a different location, and everything in the drawers is exactly where you left it. Sadly, this isn’t the best practice. Taking out everything from the drawers will make it lighter, and you won’t have to worry about stuff falling out.


Use blankets and towels.

One creative way you could move furniture from point A to point B is by using blankets. Lay out blankets to place the furniture on and simply drag the piece where it needs to be. Of course, don’t use blankets you sleep on. Dragging them on the floor with a few hundred pounds on top is likely going to ruin them. Use old blankets or head to the thrift store to get them.


Use furniture sliders.

Furniture sliders are great because they work on all sorts of surfaces. All you have to do is add a furniture slider to each corner of the piece of furniture. From there, you could push or pull the item to move it. Furniture sliders are very affordable and you can find them at nearly every home improvement store.


If you’re into DIY, use foil.

For those do-it-yourself type people, you may want to try to create your own type of furniture slider from common household items. Lifehacker wrote a creative article on how to use foil to move heavy furniture. However, it works only on carpeted surfaces.


Use moving straps.

Moving straps require two people, so if you don’t have help, you’ll want to stick to the above techniques. Moving straps make it easier for you and another person to lift heavy items without having to bend over. The only problem with moving straps is that you can’t use it to move oddly shaped items like bathtubs. 

Image by otakuchick via Flickr.