How To Decorate A Tiny Living Space

Urban dwellers know first hand that space comes at a premium. The frugal urban dweller has  learned to live with less. Less space that is, and some of these spaces are downright tiny!

There are several tricks to making a tiny space seem larger. Mirrored walls are a great solution because the reflection makes the room feel as though it has doubled in size. Window treatments should be minimal or nonexistent. Clutter can quickly overtake a tiny space, so tread lightly with decor on table tops and counters.

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Paint the walls white or cream and use light colored fabrics throughout.

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Use Furniture To Create “Rooms”

Use the space for which it was intended; you don’t have to use all the space available. Place furniture in a cozy configuration to form “rooms”.

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Install Large Seating

Install the largest seating that will fit within your space. This large sectional fits all of your friends and family, yet doesn’t feel crowded. This scenario is so much better than a small sofa and chair.

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Make the space work for your needs. If you throw dinner parties, then make the dining area the focal point of the room.

Could you live in a space just under 200 square feet?

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Do you think your home is small? These tiny living spaces have got your small space beat!

Tiny Happy Homes has mastered the art of liveable tiny spaces. These free standing homes are no larger than 192 square feet, but they still manage to fit a living room, bedroom (loft), kitchen and bathroom within the confines of this tiny space.

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For inspiration, check out this documentary of two professional skiers living in their 112 square foot tiny house for a winter:

Livin’ Tiny: A Quest For Powder from Outdoor Research on Vimeo.

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