The Carnival of Real Estate

Welcome to this week’s Carnival of Real Estate.  We have had a great time reading all of the posts this week.  We would like to issue honorary Awards for Best Weekly Post along with best post in the following categories: Marketing, Humor, Lending, Law, Economics and Technology.  In the likeness of Webby Award Acceptance speeches, we invite all of this weeks’ winners to post a Five word acceptance speech in the comments of this post.

This Week’s Best
– – This is a great post discussing a client’s reluctance to accept an offer below asking price because the client believes that the Realtor’s incentive is misaligned with the seller’s incentive.  At the heart of the discussion; is this truly an example of "Freakonomics" or is this merely the result of a down market?  See Post

Technology – — Mary McKnight offers her insight on the potential impact of Microsoft’s January 2007 release of Vista.  This operating system, which features an integrated desktop RSS reader, “will spike the blog reading population and substantially increase blog feed subscriptions” and may have dramatic implications for real estate professionals.  See Post

Marketing – — Asks the question: Are you embracing Technology and capturing internet leads?  77% of home shoppers are searching online and 24% of home shoppers are finding their next home online.  See Post

Humor – — Describes the life and times of "Willie" a house near San Diego.  "Born" in 1999, Willie has changed ownership 5 times and experienced 130% appreciation…however, in a turn of events, Willie is now tenant occupied…but still looking for its next owner.  See Post

Law – – This is a very good analysis of the legal battle over property rights and eminent domain.  It talks about the balance of individual property rights and the rights of local government to take action to "revitalize" communities. See Post

Lending –  — Highlights an ongoing discussion and argues that Lenders do not have a fiduciary responsibility to borrowers.  See Post

Economics – — The 2010 World Cup should spark a property boom for South Africa, the host country.  While the growth that may occur in the “local leader property sector” could be great, Zebad highlights the problems and challenges that must be overcome to sustain this spike in the developing nation beyond the next three years.  See Post

All of us here at HotPads would like to thank those who submitted their posts for the Carnival of Real Estate.  We were impressed by the overall quality of insight into the real estate market and look forward to following these developments in the future.   Best of luck!