The Ultimate Bachelor Pad | Scandinavian Style

The ultimate bachelor pad may very well belong to the ultimate bachelor, Markus Perssons. Perssons, the creator of Minecraft, has recently purchased a $70 million dollar bachelor pad in Beverly Hills, CA. The home was designed by developer Bruce Makowsky as “the ultimate turnkey mansion filled with over-the-top artwork, furniture, wine, and even table settings that were all included in the house.”

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While Perssons is currently residing in California, the video game creator was originally from Sweden. Sweden can proudly stake claim to one of the world’s wealthiest people, but Sweden can also take credit for a popular interior design style called Scandinavian design.

Most people are familiar with the Scandinavian style of design courtesy of IKEA, a Swedish company known around the world for its ready-to-assemble home furnishings with that signature Scandinavian styling.

Scandinavian design is an ideal style to outfit the bachelor pad. Scandinavian design is considered masculine by nature; with its clean lines, simplicity, minimalism, and functionality.

Need inspiration? Below we’ve featured some amazing bachelor pads inspired by Sweden’s Scandinavian design style. These rooms can be recreated at a fraction of the $70 million Perssons dished out for his hilltop abode.

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Header photo credit: Rodeo Realty