Televisions For Every Size Apartment

More often than not, the television is the de facto focal point in most apartment living rooms. But, depending on wether you are renting a 400 square-foot apartment in Manhattan or a 1,500 square-foot apartment in Atlanta, finding the right size television for optimum viewing and aesthetic, can be a challenge.

Read on for tips on the placement of your television in small, medium and large apartments. And, consult these handy charts to find out the recommended maximum and minimum television size based on the distance from your seating.

TV Tips For Tiny Apartments

1. Use wall space. Mounting your television on the wall can not only save you valuable floor space in a small apartment, it can also allow you to get a larger TV because you’ll get the added benefit of maximum viewing distance.

2. Hide it. Living in a small apartment or studio sometimes means that your living room is also your bedroom. Think about placing your television somewhere it can also be hidden away (like behind a decorative screen or curtain) when not in use.

3. Multi-use. If your apartment is really tiny (under 300 square feet) you might want to consider using a computer monitor or laptop as your “television” and stream your content so you don’t have to have to waste precious space.


 TV Tips For Medium Apartments

1. Make it part of the scenery. In medium size apartments, you may have enough space to put your couch a nice distance from your television, but you still don’t want it to dominate the room. Make it part of the decor by putting a frame around your television or hanging art around it so it fits into the flow of the room.

2. Invest in an entertainment center. An attractive entertainment center often provides extra storage when space saving is needed. Some will even have doors that close which will allow you to hide your TV when not in use.


TV Tips For Big Apartments

1. Start saving. If you are lucky enough to have an apartment with a big space for your television, you’re probably going to wish you had more money to spend on additional seating so you can throw a big Super Bowl party. And, of course, extra cash also comes in handy when you want to make a big purchase, like a 112 inch television.


Lead photo credit: Amber Interiors