Some Practical Uses for the New Lasso Search

As we recently reported, HotPads just launched a new "lasso search" that allows our users to hand draw boundaries to designate the areas they are interested in living.  There are tons of really helpful ways you can use the search to find your perfect place, so I thought I'd share some of my favorites applications:

Living near public transportation

Are you one of the car-less masses who relies on public transportation to get around?  See only homes within a few blocks of a Bart station:

 Search for housing near BART stations

Living in a particular neighborhood:

Do you have a particular neighborhood that just resonates with you-so much so that there's simply no way you would leave it?  Using the lasso search, you can clear away all other homes that you just won't consider.

Check out only Lincoln Park Real Estate


Walking to Work or School:

Many of us prefer not to drive or take public transportation to work or school, so being within a few blocks of your place of employment or education is key. (This is also great when searching for homes where your kids can walk to school!)

See housing within walking distance to George Washington University


Wanting only beach-front realty

If you're one of the lucky ones who lives by the ocean, who can blame you for wanting to find a place right on the beach?  Use our lasso search to see only properties right on the water!

See beach-front realty in Miami Beach


Bonus use: Avoiding someone

Sometimes, no matter how big the city is, you always run into that one person you don't want to see. Well, even if you have to live in the same general area, you can use the lasso search to look for housing while giving that special someone their own buffer zone.

Avoid someone in NYC (this one probably works better if you make your own)

 How about you?  How will you use the new lasso search?