Smart Storage Solutions for Your Apartment’s Kitchen

Whether your apartment’s kitchen has a lack of counter space or awkward cabinetry, rental spaces tend to offer next to nothing in terms of storage options. If you’re a renter, you run into DIY obstacles because you can’t drill holes or reinvent cupboards.

In this article, we’ll treat you to some of our favorite easy storage solutions that won’t break the bank or require much construction.

Rail System

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One of the easiest and least time-consuming storage solutions to install is a railing system. By hanging your pots, pans, measuring cups, dishtowels and sponges on the dead space of walls, you free up prime drawer and counter space. Try hanging hooks on your walls for larger items like pans, aprons or towels. You can also hang hooks on the inside of cabinets to situate spray bottles as an extra storage-creating hack.

If you only hang light items like towels and measuring spoons, you can cling plastic hooks to the wall using simple adhesive strips for easy uninstallation down the road.

Magnetized Strips

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Similar to the hooks and railing system, magnetized strips help keep clutter off of your workspace and still in plain view so you can access items conveniently. Our favorite way to store big knives and similar metal utensils is by mounting a knife rack to a small, open area of your wall that isn’t an area where you or others could risk knocking into it. Renters: you can also use adhesive strips for this trick, as well.

Island Install

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Even in a tiny apartment kitchen, islands do wonders for decluttering. If you have a kitchen more on the spacious side, opt for an island with built-in shelving or drawers, or a portable island on wheels. If you have less square footage to work with, try a long slender island with open shelving. Choose light and bright colors, metal or a transparent option to keep the space open and airy. 

Go Custom

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Even when you’re renting a space for a limited time, you want it to be comfortable and uncluttered. Investigate all your options, combine what works for you and create custom solutions for storage such as extra cabinets, cubbies, pullout shelves and other features that will give you a few extra inches of stowing and storing.

Whether you rent or own your apartment, we know small spaces can be frustrating. The trick to smart storage solutions is to thoroughly investigate your options and be creative. What are some of your favorite savvy storage go-to tricks?

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