Renter Resources from Around the Web

ChrisIn this week's roundup of renter-friendly links from around the web, get some tips on how to furnish your apartment to make it look bigger. Renters at a luxury apartment building in New York have free breakfast as an amenity, and Zillow has a handy subletting checklist for you to print out. Read on for more: 

Do college renters need renters insurance? (CNN) 

Furnishing your apartment? Here are some tricks to make your apartment feel bigger. (HGTV)

Don't you wish you had a backyard so you could put in a miniaturized playhouse model of a soda shop? (Curbed) 

Sure, getting a studio apartment in this new Hell's Kitchen luxury rental will set you back $2,700, but think of all the money you'll save with the free breakfasts. (NY Daily News)

Is it better to postpone your apartment search until the summer rush is over? (BrickUnderground)

Need to get out of your lease? Here are some legal ways to break it. (AOL Real Estate)

Do you live in one of America's prettiest towns? (Forbes) 

If you're subletting your apartment, use this handy checklist to make sure you have all your bases covered. (Zillow Blog) 


Image by Chris via Flickr.