Reimagined Furniture Found On Craigslist

We all know the amazing deals to be had on Craigslist. People practically give away used furniture before making a move – $20 dining chairs, $80 dressers, $200 antique sideboard and sometimes you can get these pieces free (if you haul it away). Most of these items are a little worn and tired, but that’s where your creativity and elbow grease come in.

Sand paper, primer, paint and a metal polisher (for that dingy hardware) is all you need to reimagine these Craigslist finds into works of art you will be proud to showcase in our home.

The type of paint you choose is completely based on your personal taste in furnishings. You may be a fan of a high-gloss modern look or perhaps an antiqued-aged look. To complete your painting project as fast as possible, consider spray paint. Spray paint is quicker than a brush and the finish is smoother. It takes a little practice, so practice on something you won’t mind throwing out if all goes awry.

Spray Paint

craig the painted cottage studio
Photo credit: The Painted Cottage Studio
craig the gathered home
Photo Credit: The Gathered Home

 Tips for a Flawless Finish with Spray Paint:

  • Lightly sand the surface to remove dirt and oil. For deep scratches, use wood putty to fill in dents or deep wounds, then sand smooth. You may use de-glosser to prep the surface if you prefer not to sand.
  • Use a primer coat for better adhesion. Don’t skip this step – it will save you from the headache of peeling paint or paint bubbles later.
  • Buy a spray can snap-on attachment. This keeps the spray steady and relieves finger fatigue.
  • Use short smooth strokes from a distance of 8-10 inches away. Don’t stay in one area too long, as runs will appear in the paint. It is better to do 3 light coats than 1 heavy one.
  • For added protection, spray a clear coat of polyurethane as your final coat (This step is not recommended for white, as polyurethane can yellow over time).


craig turnstyle vogue
Photo credit: Turnstyle Vogue

Distressing is simply removing paint on the edges of drawers, doors and legs with sand paper after the paint has dried. This look mimics what happens to painted furniture over time with regular use.


craig girl in the garage
Photo credit: Girl In The Garage

Embellishment such as stencils come in all shapes, sizes and designs. This paisley design adds that touch of whimsey to these otherwise plain side tables.


craig average but inspired
Photo credit: Average But Inspired

Antiquing is easier than one may think. Paint the entire piece with the spray paint you have chosen for the base color and allow sufficient time to cure – Rub a small amount of brown glaze or dark wax to the surface – Immediately wipe off with a clean dry cloth – Let dry. You may repeat this process several times until you reach the degree of antiquing you require. Use satin finish paint for this project and add a clear coat of polyurethane to protect your finished pieces.

craig piklee
Photo credit: Piklee
Header photo credit: Natural Mommie