Painting Tips Everyone Needs To Know

Painting a room is one of those things you talk about but never do. Let’s face it, painting is a hassle and choosing colors can be mind-numbingly difficult. You might think painting would be best left to the professionals, but at a starting point of $300 per room, you might want to tackle this one yourself and with the proper knowledge (and tools) you can!

The pros at Sherwin Williams have made the painting process easier than ever with – 17 Paint Hacks You Absolutely Need In Your Life.

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Sherwin Williams

“Paint is usually one shade darker than the paint chip sample, once it has been applied to the wall. When in doubt, go with the lighter shade.”

Choose the best color with the help of – Choosing The Perfect Paint Color. This article will guide you through color selection and choosing the best sheen of paint for your particular project.

GJ Painting
GJ Painting

Now that you have the tools to finally paint that room, break out those drop cloths and splash some color on those walls!


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