Maximizing Comfort & Style in Small Bedrooms

We spend one third of our lives in our bedrooms, but most of us decorate this room last. Do you ever think to yourself – “Who will see it? I’ll just keep the door shut!” The bedroom is our sanctuary – our place of retreat – it should beckon us with it’s beauty and sense of calm. Clutter should be kept to a minimum and colors should be chosen to soothe our souls.

Decorating a stylish bedroom with functionality can be quite the undertaking and decorating a “small” bedroom, with the same requirements, can be mind-numbingly difficult. Follow along to learn how these five designers, made even the smallest of rooms, stylish and functional.

Hang Lamps From the Ceiling

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The large bed takes up most of this room’s space – table lamps on such small bedside tables would hardly fit. This designer hung pendant lights from the ceiling, complete with light switch within arms reach. A brilliant use of space! Placing a chest at the foot of the bed offers seating while puting on your shoes and is excellent storage for blankets and pillows.

Pathway Around the Bed

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This small bedroom has several pieces of furniture, but the pathway around the bed remains clear. The closet, dresser and reading chair are all accessible. The use of floating bookshelves are a fantastic solution for keeping the surfaces free from clutter. The roll-out drawer hidden below the bed gives an additional area for storing clothing, blankets or shoes. The “illusion of depth” is achieved by painting the rear wall a dark accent color, which makes the room feel longer.

Position Beds Between a Door or Window

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Bedrooms with a window or door centered on the wall are perfect for single beds, one on each side of the opening.  This designer used captain’s beds, with storage below the mattress to eliminate the need for a dresser. If a bedside table is still needed, just set it at the foot of the bed.

Access the Foot of the Bed

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This is possibly the smallest bedroom in existence. In fact, it appears to be a porch converted into a bedroom. Well – it is what it is – work with it, not against it! Climbing into bed from the foot of the bed is less than ideal – but it can be done. The use of a small night stand and a drum shade light fixture hung from the ceiling completes the room.

Customize the Bed to Fit the Room

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A custom made headboard to fit between windows is cheaper than one might think. Complete this cohesive look by using the same fabric on the headboard, bed skirt and window treatments.  A small nightstand and lamp finishes this inviting guest room.

Small Bedroom Tips:

  • Let sunshine in – when you’re awake that is – the brighter the room, the larger it will feel. In the evenings, use table lamps, torchieres and a ceiling fixture to brighten every corner.
  • Use mirrors to bounce even more light around the room. Install mirrored closet doors, this trick doubles the size of the room – not literally – but it will appear that way.
  • Stay away from dark and bright colors in bedding and curtains as this halts the flow of the room. Use light monochromatic colors or neutrals to achieve an airy feel in the room.
  • Be creative with storage containers that you may not think belong in the bedroom. Use these items as a nightstand, desk or additional storage under the bed.
  • Visit Pinterest and Zillow Digs for more helpful ideas on decorating your small bedroom.