Loft Apartment – Perfect Bedroom Color Schemes

Loft living is considered the creme de la creme among urban dwellers. But, finding that perfectly located industrial loft apartment with an amazing view of the city is no easy task. Lofts offer large open-concept spaces, which has become increasingly difficult to find in the city. Industrial loft architecture is ripe with appeal. Exposed brick walls and ductwork, high ceilings, and natural light from floor to ceiling windows are just some of the characteristics you will enjoy living in a loft.

Decor found in loft spaces is usually neutral in tone to complement the architecture; planning a color scheme for a loft bedroom should be neutral in tone as well, but a touch of subtle color will add that much-needed warmth to contrast the cold surfaces found in lofts.  View these color scheme mood boards, courtesy of, to assist you in choosing subtle color to outfit the bedroom of your industrial loft apartment.

Green SchemeGreen Scheme

Gray SchemeGray Scheme

Brown SchemeBrown Scheme

Blue SchemeBlue Scheme

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