How to Life Frugally in an Apartment

How to Life Frugally in an Apartment-DarkThingLet’s face it: Living in an apartment isn’t always cheap. It can sometimes be pricey when you’re living in a large metropolitan area like New York or San Francisco. To save money, you could make changes to your lifestyle and decisions.


Save more money and consider these tips for frugal living in an apartment:


Rent an apartment that you can afford.

The first step in saving money while living in an apartment is making sure you can actually afford it. If the apartment is taking too much of your paycheck, then you may have to reassess your pad. The rule of thumb is that your apartment rent should be 30 percent of your gross monthly income.


Sell stuff you don’t need.

Do you really need all those clothes? Probably not. Are you always reading those books on your bookshelf? Not likely. Sell whatever you don’t use. It’s taking up space, and it could bring in a couple of bucks. You can resell books on Amazon or you could host a garage sale.


Get rid of your car.

When you’re car isn’t in the picture, you could save hundreds of dollars. You’ll no longer have to pay for a parking space, gas, maintenance, and insurance to name a few. You could swap your car out for a bike or commit to a ridesharing like ZipCar. Owning a car costs a lot of money!


Cancel your cable TV.

You don’t need cable to be able to watch TV these days. Cutting your cable can save you anywhere from $50 to over a hundred dollars per month. Instead, you could purchase a service like Hulu or Netflix at a fraction of the cost to stream some of your favorite shows.


Eat at home.

Going out to eat is expensive. You could save hundreds of dollars per year by refraining from eating out. If possible, purchase food in bulk to save even more money. 

Image by TheDarkThing via Flickr.