How to Brighten Up a Dark Apartment


SmalljudeUnless you’re the lucky renter who got the corner unit with lots of windows, bad lighting is an issue that’s pretty common for most renters. Whether your bedroom doesn’t get sunlight in the morning or your apartment starts feeling drab after 3pm, adding a few minor touches can do a lot to bring in more light and transform your space visually and emotionally. 


Use the power of paint!

A simple way to change the atmosphere and “feel” of a room is to paint it in a more inviting color. Even if your walls aren’t a dark shade, a drab hue can put a damper on the precious light you do get. Brightening the walls can help lift up the mood of your apartment. Before you do this, check with your property management to make sure you can change the color of your walls.


Add colorful accents to your bedroom.

Can’t paint your walls? Change the color of your walls anyway by painting a huge canvas your favorite shade and hanging it up. Combat the gloom with bright, colorful accents. A light-colored rug will help your room appear brighter. Use bright throw pillows, hang art on the walls, or add patterned curtains to draw the eye away from dark walls and create a more cheerful atmosphere.


Play with the light.

Where does the light enter the room, and at what time? Move your furniture around so it sits in an area with more natural light. Mirrors help make a small space appear larger and more open, but it’s also a useful tool to bounce light around. Experiment with softer light bulbs, add lights under kitchen cabinets, or place a couple of lamps around the room to create a softer glow. If the overhead lighting creates a harsh effect, use lamps and mood lighting to brighten up a room.   


Brighten up a space with houseplants.

A quick, easy way to cheer up a room and make it more relaxing is by adding greenery. Whether it’s a fake plant or a real one, a splash of natural green livens up your space makes the room more inviting. 


Image by smalljude via Flickr.