HotPads Launched 2006 Election Edition

Today, we launched a 2006 Election Edition (, which provides information about this years’ closely watched elections for the House of Representatives.   

The 435 congressional districts are outlined onMiami HotPads’ Maps, with red and blue designating the party affiliation of the districts’ current Representatives.  By clicking on the districts’ "I" buttons below the districts’ titles, users can view quick facts about the district including the current Representative and the candidates in November’s contest.  By clicking on the quick facts bubble, users can get more detailed information:  HotPads has incorporated Wikipedia articles with detailed information about the candidates and the close races.


For those housing shoppers that want to shop for
their next home based on political party affiliation, you can access the Congressional information on the normal site by selecting "Congress" in the "Areas" menu on the right hand side of the screen.

We hope you enjoy!  Don’t forget to vote!