Hello Blogosphere . . . Greetings from HotPads

As novice blogonauts our goal in launching this blog is simple: we want to initiate a dialogue between HotPads’ users and HotPads’ team.  We hope to give you a better idea of our mission, plans, and thought process.  In turn we want to hear about your experience using HotPads and searching for rental housing.

In creating HotPads, we set out to make the rental housing search process easier and more enjoyable.  We hope you like what we have developed so far, but we are far from finished.  With your feedback, the sky’s the limit. 

In this blog we plan to address the following topics in addition to others which arise:

1) HotPads’ Features – Those that have launched and those in development

2) Real Estate Search – Where the industry is going and what other companies are doing

3) Web 2.0‘ – The buzz word you either love or hate . . . or have never heard of

4) The Start-Up Process – We are a year and a half into this project and have a lot more to learn.  Hopefully we can share some of our experiences and hopefully at least some humorous anecdotes.

Well, thanks for visiting our Blog and HotPads.com.  We will try to keep it interesting, but make no guarantees.  Please visit the site and contribute often, and encourage your friends to do the same!

– HotPads’ Team