Here’s The Future of Seattle Residential Building Construction, Mapped

Seattle is growing. With companies like Zillow, Microsoft and Amazon based in the city, Seattle is undergoing a similar population boom to the other major urban metros. According to, Seattle currently has 11,138 units under construction, planned, or in the research phases! These buildings are a mix of condos for rent and sale as well as apartments for rent.

Here are the 75 buildings in the Seattle area that are currently in one of the five stages of completion:

With increased opportunity comes both increased building and increases in median rents. According to Zillow’s data, rents within Seattle have risen from a median of $1,629 per month in November 2010 to $2,039 per month in April 2014, a 25% increase. Of course, the median rent varies by neighborhood and number of bedrooms. The Seattle Metro Area (including Tacoma and Renton) has risen 6% in the past year alone.

The buildings are broken down through five stages, including:

  • 41 In Research, meaning not yet planned so they may not happen
  • 18 Planned
  • 3 Under Construction
  • 8 Construction/Lease-Up, meaning the building is still being built but is accepting applications and leases
  • 5 Lease-Up, meaning the building is complete and accepting leases

The mapped buildings include

Come back next week when we highlight Brooklyn!

Image via Rudy Lopez (Flickr)

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