Here’s the Future of San Francisco Construction

San Francisco is full-swing in the midst of another boom, and with that has come rising rents. In fact, it seems as if no SF neighborhood or surrounding area has been spared rising rent costs.

Here’s a look at the rate in which rents have increased over the past four years, both in San Francisco and in the surrounding Bay Area cities.

median-rentsData according to Zillow.

Being that we live in the second most densely-packed urban area in the country, you’re not alone if you’re scratching your head thinking “something’s gotta give… but what?”

Urban-dwellers of the 7×7, rejoice because there is (some) relief on the horizon. According to ALN there are 93 buildings in San Francisco alone are slated for construction over the next several years.

Without further ado, we present The Future of San Francisco.

Click any dot on the map for specific information about buildings in SF that are anywhere from accepting leases to in the planning phase. Each building will provide you with the address, status, and potential occupancy date.

Source: ALN Data via

Breakdown of planned / proposed construction:

  • 11 buildings currently Under Construction
  • 24 buildings Planned For Construction
  • 35 proposed buildings currently In Research
  • 9 buildings are currently¬†Lease Up, meaning they are looking for new tenants
  • 9 buildings are currently Construction/Lease Up, meaning they are still being built yet actively looking for tenants

The buildings include:

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