Here’s The Future of Brooklyn Residential Building Construction, Mapped

Ever since we started creating these interactive maps about the future of residential building construction across the major metros in the United States (full list of links at the bottom), I’ve wanted to do a map of Brooklyn. I lived there for two and a half years so the area is still near and dear to my heart. Like many of you have been able to do with other cities, I can picture where many of these buildings are being built and think about how the neighborhoods are changing.

Brooklyn, like all the cities we have covered, is changing. Rents are soaring as residents are increasingly priced out of ever-more-expensive Manhattan or simply seeking more tree-lined streets and often art and makers at their doorsteps. Whether it’s Williamsburg, Park Slope, or East New York, new construction is happening to keep up with demand. However, we should note that new big residential building is not happening as prevalently as in other cities (such as Seattle) because of the culture of rowhouses and neighborhoods instead of high rises.


Brooklyn Building Construction

Currently 28 buildings, comprising 9,470 units, in Brooklyn are in one of the five NCR statuses, from In Research to Under Construction. They break down thus:

  • 10 In Research
  • 11 Planned
  • 4 Under Construction
  • 2 Construction/Lease-Up
  • 1 Lease-Up

The buildings include:

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