Here’s the Future of Boston Residential Building Construction, Mapped

Urban living is once again en vogue. In fact, about half of the world population is predicted to be living in urban areas by 2030 (source). Whether it’s the West Coast or the Northeast, cities are growing and with that comes the necessity of new buildings, both at market value and affordable housing, to keep up with housing demand.

Over the last two weeks we have covered San Francisco and Los Angeles (links to posts at the bottom. This week, we go to the East Coast where Boston is also undergoing a development renaissance. Boston’s population grew by approximately 2.9% (to a total of 636,000) from 2010 to 2012, so to keep up buildings have been planned and are under construction. In total, 4,776 units are somewhere in the planning to completion stages in Boston.

Here they are mapped. Data is from

To break them down by type:

  • 13 are In Research
  • 19 are Planned
  • 6 are Under Construction
  • 4 are Lease Up, meaning they are accepting lease applications
  • 10 are Construction/Lease Up, meaning they are under construction yet also accepting leases.

These buildings include:

Come back next week for New York City!

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