What Does Mrs. Doubtfire’s House Cost? (And Other Famous San Francisco Residents’ Homes.)

Some of our favorite famous people (and the characters they created for us) have called these not-so-quaint SF houses “home”. Ever wonder what it would cost to live like Daniel Steel? How about to rent an apartment across the park from her house? We’ve done the work for you, and we’ll bet that by the end of this article, even the most jaded of San Franciscans will have learned something new about The City. (Hint: the Full House producers lied to you.)

1. Full House Exterior – 1709 Broderick St in Pacific Heights

TannerZestimate: $2,804,475 | Typical 1 bedroom rental in Pacific Heights: $2,817 / month

Even the most knowledgable of SF locals are surprised to learn that the actual exterior used to film Danny Tanner and Co’s cozy, yet full, house was not on Alamo Square with the rest of the painted ladies.

2. Nicolas Cage’s House – 898 Franklin Street, Russian Hill

CageZestimate: $8,338,553 | Typical 1 Bedroom atop Russian Hill: $3,234

If at any point during The Rock, Stanley Goodspeed had paused his attempted-nerve-gas-attack-on-San-Francisco to admire our fair city from mid-Bay, he would have likely found himself staring directly at this: a beautiful multi-million dollar mansion perched atop Russian Hill, directly across from Alcatraz.

3. That’s So Raven House – 461 Ashbury Street, The Haight

RavenZestimate: $1,364,584 | Typical 1 Bedroom Rental in The Haight: $2,900 / month

Yes, like the Disney show.

4. Hunter S. Thompson’s House – 318 Parnassus (Belvedere) Street, Twin Peaks / Parnassus Heights

HunterSimilar Home Zestimate: $1,183,611 | Typical 2 Bedroom Rental in Twin Peaks: $4,995 / month

Much was written about the golden days of San Francisco from Thompson’s perch here. Perhaps knowing his home would one day be worth over a million dollars would have been enough to keep him in SF, rather than retreating back to Colorado… Then again, probably not.

5. The Jefferson Airplane Mansion – 2400 Fulton Street, The Outer Richmond

JeffersonZestimate: $3,663,574 | Typical 1 Bedroom Rental in The Outer Richmond: $2,200 / month

The band had know way of knowing their mansion would one day be perhaps the single greatest location for a post-Outside Lands party we could imagine.

6. Mrs. Doubtfire’s House – 2640 Steiner Street, Pacific Heights

DoubtfireZestimate: $3,356,99 | Typical 1 Bedroom Rental in Pacific Heights: $4,850 / month

Daniel and Miranda Hillard couldn’t make it work, but it’s surely not for lack of a beautiful home in which to raise their adorable kids (and host a petting zoo!).

7. Robin Williams’ Neighborhood – El Camino del Mar Street, Sea Cliff

RobinSimilar Home Zestimate: $6,973, 238 | 3 bed / 3 ba. Rental in Sea Cliff: $13,500

Hard to imagine wanting an upgrade from Danny and Miranda’s quaint abode, but alas, someone already lived there so Robin and his family found this lovely place to call home in the stunning cliff-top neighborhood.

8. Spreckels Mansion – 2080 Washington Street, Pacific Heights

SteelTypical 1 Bedroom on Lafayette Park: $2,750 / month

An estate made of white limestone containing 55 bedrooms and a grand ballroom (among other things) is exactly the setting we’d expect to have inspired some of the greatest romance novels of our time. A prime location atop Pacific Heights across from Lafayette Park doesn’t hurt either.