Double Up on Storage with a Double Vanity

Whether you’re sharing a sink with someone or just craving more room, a double vanity is a great solution for added storage and space in your bathroom. With hundreds of designs ranging from modern to traditional, your double vanity sink can embody any shape or style that you choose.

Here’s how to choose which sink style fits both your morning prep and night time winding down routines.

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For those of us that have a million steps in our morning routine, storage space is a necessity. One of the most popular space savers is a great set of drawers. This classic storage style gives you plenty of room to keep your primping products out of sight. Insert dividers to create specific stowing spaces, or create your own organizational system for grooming products with tins and baskets. Find a double vanity with drawer spaces on each side of the sink for easy access. A drawer-filled vanity lends itself well to a rustic or countryside cottage design.

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Cabinets are great when you have large items that need stowing, like blow dryers, bins or boxes. Tall and wide, cabinets can be equipped with shelving or a storage system involving dividers or hanging rods. Consider looking for a double vanity with extra tall cabinets. This look is great for a traditionalist or shabby chic styled bathroom, especially if the vanity boasts distressed wood and iron details.

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Shelving is great for a more minimalistic bathroom. Look for sturdy shelves if you want to store heavy items, or slatted shelves for a more interesting look. Within shelving, you can also create a storage system with bins or baskets for specific products you don’t care to have on display.

A Little Bit of Everything

Can’t quite make up your mind? That’s okay! Some double sink vanities come with a combination of drawers, cabinets and shelves for all of your storage needs. Choosing a combination of all three options also gives you room to make other fun design decisions.

Go “seaside cottage” with a display of shells and coral on the shelves, or with distressed wood on shaker cabinets. Feeling “French countryside?” Try elegant wallpaper on the back of the vanity, lightly stained wooden shelving and glass knobs for the perfect touch of casual sophistication.

Whether you’re looking for a quick upgrade or designing the bathroom of your dreams, a sleek and stylish double vanity sink is a surefire way to give your bathroom a dose of instant elegance. Out of all of these options, which storage solution best speaks to your design sensibilities?

Kerrie Kelly is an interior designer who heads up Kerrie Kelly Design Lab, and who has worked with many of her clients on both storage design and bathroom renovations. Kerrie writes about her décor and design implementations for Home Depot. A wide selection of bathroom vanities, including styles reviewed by Kerrie, can be found online here.