DIY Wine Cork Projects

During the holidays it’s easy to acquire a stockpile of champagne and wine corks. Most of us just drop these corks in the nearest trash can, but have you ever really looked at the detail of the brand stamps on these things? Some of them are tiny works of art!

If you are looking for a DIY project to start off the new year, here are a few ideas that incorporate your new cork collection. You may need a few more corks to complete these projects, you can purchase used wine corks online at Widgetco.

The Cork Backsplash

cork eatwell 101
Photo credit: Eatwell 101

Find step-by-step instructions for creating your own cork backsplash at Create.Craft.Love.

The Cork Cheese Knives

cork daily savings all you
Photo credit: Daily Savings

Create these fantastic little party pleasers with instructions found at DIY Queen.

The Mosaic Cork Floor

cork defog it all
Photo credit: Defogitall

Watch this easy to follow video by The DIY Network for instructions on how to lay your new mosaic cork floor. If the thought of slicing your own tiny cork tiles and gluing each one down individually seems insane to you, consider pre-cut sheets that may be purchased at Modwalls.

Hurricane Candle Holders

cork two twenty one
Photo credit: TwoTwentyOne

Two Twenty One came up with this simple candle holder idea to showcase your prized corks.

The “Literal” Cork Board

cork wine enthusiast
Photo credit: Wineenthusiast

Purchase this wooden frame to create your own wine cork board from

The Wine Bottle Tree

cork gallery hip
Photo credit: Galleryhip

What to do with all those wine bottles? Create a wine bottle tree of course! Okay…that may be taking things a little too far.

Header photo credit: Uhomeal