Did you know? Public profiles on HotPads

One of the hardest parts of renting an apartment is knowing if you can trust the listing agent, if you are a renter, or how to reach your target market if you are looking to rent out a unit.

We’ve sought to make both of these easier on HotPads by providing public profiles for all renters and companies who use our service.

Renter Profiles

If you are looking to rent, joining HotPads using your email address has many benefits, including:

  • Receiving properties in your email based off custom saved searches
  • Tapping into collective knowledge on HotPads Answers
  • Link to your other online profiles to show landlords you are trustworthy
  • Tell landlords/agents where you are looking to rent and what stage of the process you are in (actively seeking, just looking)

You can even upload your photo to give a little personality to your profile. Here’s mine:


John Doherty on HotPads

Company Profiles

If you are a company that lists properties, you also have a profile on HotPads. You are able to upload your logo and company information, which will give you another page that can rank in Google for your brand name, thus allowing you to better control your online reputation.

Some of the benefits of a company profile on HotPads are:

  1. Rank in search engines for your name
  2. Show potential clients all of your properties on HotPads
  3. Show potential clients that you are a legitimate business
  4. Add in your website and locations where you operate

Here is a company profile example:


RMC Rentals on HotPads

You can find your current company profile above the Surrounding Area Stats box on any of your listings:


Berry Street Apartment in Williamsburg, New York

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