Design Style: Vintage


What is Vintage? According to Webster’s, vintage describes the production year of fine wine. But, interior designers hijacked this word decades ago to describe furnishings of different eras; primarily furniture produced between the 1940s and 1980s.

The vintage interior design style is furniture and decor originating in a previous era, seemingly old – yet timeless. A well executed vintage space has elements of many different eras mixed together to create a sense of history and intense personality. Since each era has a certain “style”, one could, quite literally, guess the date of production of most items in the space without any knowledge of interior design at all.

Retro is to Vintage as Vintage is to Antique.

Transitional Home Office with Pendant Light, Crown molding, Reclaimed Antique French Oak, Hardwood floors, Built-in bookshelf
Zillow Digs

The harsh lines of this modern sofa are softened by the history of the other pieces in the room. Note the lighting is replicated to look vintage, but is actually available today at most lighting suppliers.

Eclectic room with Vintage green glass demijohn
Orlando Soria via Zillow Digs


The obvious vintage chair takes center stage in this room. This one piece of vintage furniture will have visitors wondering if all of the pieces are vintage or just modern furnishings with vintage styling. Keep them guessing!

Eclectic Living Room with Oriental Furniture Large Japanese Sitting Buddha Figurine, metal fireplace, flush light
Zillow Digs

This space ventures into antique territory with its 100 year old bed frames used as seating. The other vintage pieces in the room make this space incredibly personable. Yes, that serving tray is the back of a vintage guitar.

Eclectic Living Room with Cement fireplace, Exposed beam, Hardwood floors
Zillow Digs

This space stayed true to its mid-century modern roots. But the homeowner has included contemporary art and decor to modernize the space.

Traditional Master Bedroom with Hardwood floors, Cement fireplace
Architectural Digest via Zillow Digs

More antique than vintage, this room beckons a return to yesteryear. But with a few modern elements, this space is extremely liveable for today’s lifestyle.

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Header photo credit: Zillow Digs