Design Ideas For Tiny White Kitchens

While the use of white walls to make a room look bigger is up for debate, the use of white cabinets to make a kitchen look bigger is not!

Nothing says, “I’m cooking my dinner in a cave”, quite like a small kitchen with a sea of dark cabinets, dreary countertops and a muddy wall color.

A tiny kitchen is common place in apartments and condos, but there is something you can do about the way it feels. This space can feel so much larger than it is just be changing the surfaces to white; case in point:

White on White

white weil friedman architect 

Photo credit: Weil Friedman Architects

Simplistic and stunning! This space is textbook of white on white execution. The kitchen feels so much larger than it actually is with the use of ceiling height glass front cabinets. I’d like to add one more thing, a colorful floral bouquet near the window.

Cooking In The City

 white rivoli interior design

Photo credit: Rivoli Interior Design

Inhabitants of tiny highrise apartments know that cooking in a tiny kitchen can be frustrating with the lack of counter space provided. Use a rolling cart as an additional prep surface, then roll it away after the meal has been prepared.

The Galley Kitchen

 white grey crawford photography

Photo credit: Grey Crawford

The Galley kitchen is long and narrow, like the galley of a boat. Artwork hung vertically visually lengthens the wall. Break up the endless sea of white with black Soapstone countertops.

Shelving Vs. Cabinets

 white sklar design

Photo credit: Sklar Designs

Full upper cabinets would be too heavy in this tiny space. By using open shelving to store dishware, the room feels bigger. Also, this scenario is the perfect place to display some of your prized crystal and tableware.

High Gloss Laminate

 white bkdb ca

Photo Credit: BKbD

The high gloss sheen reflects light from the windows across the room, this illusion creates a bigger and brighter room.

The Tiniest Kitchen Award

 white a good chick to know

And the winner is – Canadian designer, A Good Chick To Know.

No room for upper cabinets? Tile the wall instead. Tile is not only beautiful, it’s easier to clean too.

Not in the market to purchase new cabinets? Paint them! Step-by-step instructions on painting your cabinets can be seen on one of our previous DIY articles: Give Your Cabinets A Makeover.


Header photo credit: Ben Gebo