Decorating The Bachelor Pad

There comes a time in every mans life when he realizes his apartment is still reminiscent of his college years, with mismatched furniture and tacky artwork.

Does your apartment reflect the man you are today? Well, it should! But where to start?


Keep it neutral! Neutral colors in seating, draperies and rugs will work well with changing color schemes over the years.


Comfort is key here; if you cannot take a nap on it, don’t buy it. Women tend to buy the “look at me” sofa, not men.


Choose art that symbolized who you are and what you like to do (sports, travel, music, etc). The artwork doesn’t have to match your color scheme, but the artwork should be placed in matching frames for continuity.


An accent rug can be placed on top of wall-to-wall carpeting. If you are like most men, a meal in front of the TV is not a rarity. Spills happen; place an inexpensive rug under the coffee table and replace when needed.


Task lighting for reading on the sofa is a necessity for the bachelor pad. A large overarching floor lamp is the perfect combination of light and style.


Keep it simple. Most men think pillows are for resting their heads, not decorating the bed. Buy several sets of sheets; it’s faster to change to a new set than wait for the laundry.

Dining Table

Most likely the dining table will rarely be used for dining. This item may become more of a work area; be sure the table surface can resist scratches.

What should an upscale bachelor pad look like? Use these inspirational design photos to get some ideas before tackling this project.

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Okay, this last photo is just for fun. But you’ve got to admit, that desk is really cool! Shop; use their Style Finder feature to find your own personal bachelor pad style.

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