Decorate In Summer Shades Of Coral

The color coral embodies the warmth of summer and when used in decor brings summertime into your home even in the coldest of months. Using coral in your color scheme is energizing, inspiring, empowering, and this bold color wakes up your senses.

Coral is a pinkish or reddish version of orange and shares its name with a sea animal of similar color. Coral is the perfect pairing with tones of gray and blue, as these colors are sedate and may make you feel sleepy; adding in coral will electrify the room.

Coastal Inspiration

coral john david edison
John David Edison

Coral is an obvious choice for a coastal inspired room. In this bedroom, the light blue shades are reminiscent of water, which lends balance to the bold shade of coral to create a soothing, relaxing retreat.

Warm It Up


The calm feel of this white on marble bathroom needs the color coral to energize and wake up the room. A calm bath in the evenings is fine when you are getting ready for bed, but when you are running late for work, you will appreciate this stimulating color.

Empower Yourself

coral brookfield residential
Brookfield Residential

This color scheme would be great in an office setting; bold coral tones mixed with black and white instantly empower and makes for a productive working environment.

Go Bold


Mix coral with orange and kick up the fun factor with geometric shapes for a bold look; this room is fun and inviting. Orange is a social color – bring on the party!

Shop the look – Start your journey into a Summer coral color scheme with these interesting throw pillows and coral inspired decor from Wayfair.  

Header photo credit: Jalan Jalan Collection