Halloween Costume Ideas by City

Whether you are celebrating the spookiest day of the year in Los Angeles, Philadelphia or Atlanta, you’ll always win points for having an inventive costume. Here are some easy costume ideas by city.

Los Angeles

Celebrate that fact the local Sriracha factory is no longer considered a public nuisance by dressing up as your favorite hot sauce.

LOS ANGELES - Celebrate Sriracha still being made in LA.
Photo courtesy of: doobybrain.com


Put a bird on something and channel your inner Bryce and Lisa this Halloween.

PORTLAND - Put a bird on something and channel your inner Bryce and Lisa this Halloween.
Photo Courtesy of: IFC



Sandwiched between NYC and DC, Philly sometimes doesn’t get the love it deserves. Represent Philly pride with a tribute to Philly’s most-famous food.


Photo courtesy of: amazon.com 

Dallas/New York City

Breaking Bad character or Ebola-phobic? You choose this Halloween.

DALLAS - Breaking Bad character or Ebola prevention? You choose.Photo courtesy of: Spirit Halloween

Washington D.C.

Red Tape. Need we say more?

WASHINGTON DC - Red Tape. Need we say more?

  Photo courtesy of: remsol


Pay homage to The Walking Dead city by becoming one of the undead yourself.


ATLANTA - Zombies in The Walking Dead city.


Photo courtesy of: halloweencostumes.com


Celebrate making it through another year of Chicago weather by dressing up as a weatherman or weatherwoman.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 1.06.24 PMPhoto courtesy of: costume-works.com 
Lead photo credit: Jelene Morris