Beers in the Hood

The world’s most recognized celebration of beer, Oktoberfest, is in full swing. While you may not have the time or money to travel to Germany to sample the fine beers on tap at this year’s festival (all of which were brewed right within Munich’s city limits) why not celebrate by visiting a microbrewery in your own neighborhood?

We checked with our friends over at the Brewer’s Association and found that it’s not a case of beer goggles on our part. The number of microbreweries and brewpubs has in fact been steadily on the rise since 2008 (click on the chart below to check out an interactive graph from the Brewer’s Association website).

Depending on which part of the country you live in, it’s likely that you can throw a bottle cap and hit, or (if you are out of bottles) walk to one of your state’s well-known microbreweries or brewpubs.

Below are the 10 states with the most craft breweries per capita.* And, since HotPads supports safe neighborhood drinking, we’ve included 10 rentals currently on the market stumbling distance away from a popular local brewery.


*per 100,000 adults 21+ and over

#1 – Oregon

6.3 craft breweries per capita

181 total craft breweries

Portland, Oregon
The metro area of Portland is home to 76 breweries and locals know when it’s beer o’clock, better head to the Brewery Blocks in the Pearl District. That’s where one of the state’s well-known beer makers, Deschutes Brewery can be found. A mere 364 ft from Deschutes you’ll find The Janey at 1155 NW Everett offering both studios and 1-bedrooms. It’s a perfect landing pad for those who’d like to have a pint of Mirror Pond in their hand less than 2 minutes from home.

JaneyNeighborhood: Pearl District
Specs: $1,350/Month | Studio 

#2 – Vermont
6.2 craft breweries per capita
29 total craft breweries

Burlington, Vermont
The city of Burlington is home to just over 40,000 residence who quench their thirst at 5 different breweries in town. One is the Vermont Pub and Brewery, which claims to be Vermont’s oldest craft breweries, having been founded in 1988. It’s also a quick nine-minute walk from 20 Hungerford Terrace. Good news for college students, this apartment is also close to UVM, which your parents will at least appreciate.

Burlinton_VTNeighborhood: Burlington
Specs: $1,445/Month | 2 bed 1 bath

#3 – Montana
5.3 craft breweries per capita
39 total craft breweries

Missoula, Montana
Montana is a vast state, which is one of the reasons for the name of this popular brewery, Big Sky Brewing, which serves up its patrons healthy pints of regionally appropriate-named beers like Moose Drool Brown, Powder Hound Winter Ale and Trout Slayer Wheat Ale. You can be less then a mile from the action with this one-bedroom home at 4677 Adalaide Lane.


MissoulaNeighborhood: Missoula
Specs: $895/Month | 1 bed 1 bath

#4 – Colorado
4.7 craft breweries per capita
175 total craft breweries

Breckenridge, Colorado
While Colorado is often associated with some of bigger names in beer production, the state also holds its own when it comes to microbreweries. Breckenridge Brewery is just one example. Founded in the 80s by ski bum turned beer brewer, Richard Squire, the brewery is just a quick glide away from both the lifts and this gem of a rental (535 South Park Avenue), so you can and shred and taste in Squire’s footsteps.

Breckenridge Neighborhood: Breckenridge
Specs: $1,500/Month | Studio

#5  -Maine
4.7 craft breweries per capita
47 total craft breweries

Portland, Maine
One-tenth of the size and 3,000 miles from it’s beer-loving West Coast counterpart, Portland Maine may be small, but the locals show big love for their microbreweries. A favorite of which is Allagash Brewing, known for its original brew, the Allagash White. And, when you live at 723 Riverside Street, you can tour and taste from the source at the company’s main brewing facility.

PortlandME Neighborhood: Portland
Specs: $1,100/Month | 2 bedrooms 1 bath

#6 – Wyoming
4.3 craft breweries per capita
18 total craft breweries

Cheyenne, Wyoming
Cheyenne was once nicknamed the Magic City of the Plains. Now brewers are bottling that magic in brews like Hop Heaven IPA from Freedom’s Edge Brewing Company. Want to live a little closer to heaven? Check out 1901 Central Avenue, its just a 10 minute walk for mere mortals.

Cheyenne Neighborhood: Cheyenne
Specs: $600/Month | 1 bedroom 1 bath

#7 – Alaska
4.3 craft breweries per capita
22 total craft breweries

Anchorage, Alaska
When the sun shines through the night, it just means you have more time to drink, right? You can do just that at Midnight Sun Brewing Company in Anchorage and then walk the 11 minutes home to this cozy abode at 8030 Lake Otis Parkway. Looks like it has good drapes to help you get some shuteye.

 anchorageNeighborhood: Anchorage
Specs: $875/Month | 1 bedroom 1 bath

#8 – Washington
4 craft breweries per capita
201 total craft breweries

Seattle, Washington
Rainy weather and a cozy brewpub just seem to go together in the Northwest. But if you forget your umbrealla, you’ll be just fine to get to Elysian Brewing’s Capital Hill location, which is just .2 miles away in the Chole Apartments at 1408 E Union Street. In fact, is that a the brewery we spy right outside the window?

SeattleNeighborhood: Seattle
Specs: $1,595/Month | Studio

#9 – Idaho
3.1 craft breweries per capita
34 total craft breweries

Boise, Idaho
Even back in the late 1880s, beer ruled Idaho. Rumor has it there were 33 different breweries scattered across the state pumping out ales to quench the thirst of the hordes of gold miners that had taken over the land looking to get rich. Now, Boise has a handful of breweries where workers can wet their whistles, including local favorite Cloud 9 Brewery. Once you spend your gold nuggets, walk the few blocks to your new home at  2117 Jefferson Street .

BoiseNeighborhood: Veterans Park
Specs: $1,395/Month | 3 bedroom 2 bath

#10 – New Hampshire
2.2 craft breweries per capita
22 total craft breweries

Portsmouth, New Hampshire
The folks at Portsmouth Brewery (New Hampshire’s original brewpub) have been serving up tasty batches of beer since the early 1990s. Best of all, the Portsmouth staple is just a five minute walk from this well-appointed condo at 66 State Street.

PortsmouthNeighborhood: Portsmouth
Specs: $2,800/Month | 2 bedroom 2 bath

Is your state not listed? We’re guessing you still have a favorite local watering hole. Tweet your favorite neighborhood brewery #HotPads #BeersintheHood.