In the Bay Area, Sunlight Comes at a Premium

Every neighborhood has a unique story: its own attractions, its own challenges, and even its own rent trends. However, for renters in the Bay Area, another factor plays a role in each neighborhood’s vibe: fog.

In the summer, renters in the Bay Area can expect to see Karl the Fog roll into their neighborhood for two to 14 hours each day, according to U.S. Geological Survey data. In our latest analysis, the HotPads team found that, as the average amount of sunlight in a Bay Area neighborhood increases, so does the neighborhood’s median rent.

HotPads found that for every hour of fog coverage renters put up with, they can expect to save about $148 each month on their rent. Take a look at the map below to see how much fog each Bay Area city and neighborhood gets, and what their rent prices look like:

Sticking to San Francisco? The city is home to the Bay Area’s foggiest neighborhoods, but Karl can bring a bargain. Four of the foggiest neighborhoods in San Francisco have rents lower than the city’s median (which is $4,215 a month, according to HotPads’ latest rent report). Within San Francisco, renters can expect to save $87 on their rent each month for every hour of fog in their neighborhood.

San Francisco’s Foggiest Neighborhoods

Ranking Neighborhood City Daily Hours of Fog Median Rent
1 Ingleside San Francisco 12 $3,896
2 Mount Davidson Manor San Francisco 12 $4,723
3 Oceanview San Francisco 12 $3,795
4 Stonestown San Francisco 12 $5,007
5 Outer Mission San Francisco 11.7 $3,883
6 Westwood Park San Francisco 11.7 $4,667
7 Lakeshore San Francisco 11.5 $4,647
8 Westwood Highlands San Francisco 11.5 $4,831
9 Crocker Amazon San Francisco 11 $3,925
10 Little Hollywood San Francisco 11 $3,662


So is Karl responsible for the Bay Area’s variance in rent prices? Not entirely. There are many factors that affect a neighborhood’s rent prices, like the number of units available and the area’s convenience for commuters. However, when Bay Area residents are thinking about what they want in a rental, sunshine and fog coverage is certainly another factor to consider.