Back To The Future’s “Smart House” Predictions

Great Scott! Marty McFly arrives today, October 21, 2015, at precisely 4:29 pm PST.

This year is the 30th anniversary of the 1985 film, Back To The Future, and today’s date is the exact moment in time when Marty McFly gets a glimpse at his – not so impressive – future, courtesy of Doc Brown and his time-traveling DeLorean.

Back To The Future II made many predictions of what Hill Valley would look like in 2015. Anyone who grew up watching the Robert Zemeckis trilogy would say two of the most anticipated items from the Back To The Future franchise were the Hoverboard and the self-tying Nikes.

Unfortunately, those items never came to pass even though Nike had promised self-lacing sneakers would launch this year. But, many of the predictions made in Back To The Future II are available today, specifically items found in the future home of Marty and Jennifer McFly.

1. Indoor Garden

Miracle-Gro Hydroponic Indoor Gardens may not “retract” into the ceiling with a voice command, but they can grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs on your kitchen counter.

2. Big Screen TVs


3. Keyless “Fingerprint” Entry System

The Scyan XT Fingerprint Door Lock is available today. This simple entry system allows for fingerprint ID or passcode entry.

4. Video Calls

Today, we call this Skype. Skype-ready TVs are readily available for big screen video calls. Gaming systems and all-in-one systems allow video calls on screens larger than laptop computers. 

5. Smart Glasses

Google Glass’s popularity was short lived, but the technology is there. Google is reportedly working on Google Glass 2.0 aimed at business; they are calling the second generation of smart glasses The Enterprise Edition.

Personally, I’m saddened the Black & Decker Hydrator (watch movie clip here) didn’t make the list. That’s one item from Back To The Future’s Smart House I would use everyday. A Pizza Hut pizza from freezer to steaming hot goodness in 4 seconds. Who wouldn’t want that?

If you’ve been living under a rock and have never seen the Back To The Future Trilogy, here’s your chance to own the 30th Anniversary Flux Capacitor Box Set. Spoiler alert – Marty and Doc don’t just travel into the future.

Written by: Tara Scott-Johnson

Photo credits: Amblin Entertainment