7 Best Cities for Dog Parks

Dog owners across the country know that  a tired dog is a happy dog. But what makes a happy urban dog owner? Living near a dog park!

We’ve done the (four) leg(ged) work for you and mapped dog parks in some of the most dog-friendly metros in the U.S. You’ll find them listed below by the highest number of dog parks per capita.

Not surprising, Portland came in heads and wagging tails ahead of other cities on the list, being home to 33 dog parks. Portland is also (perhaps not coincidentally) the home of some of the most exercised dogs in the nation.

What’s the perfect dog date for a Portlander and their furry companion? Take a trip out to Mt. Tabor dog park, a 200-acre park with dedicated 4-acre, fenced, off-leash area. After the paws have gotten suitably muddy, head over to the Lucky Labrador Brewery on SE Hawthorne Blvd. and enjoy a cold brew for you and some dog biscuits for your pooch on the dog-friendly patio.

1. Portland

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We’ve already talked up Seattle as one of most pet-friendly dog cities in America when we showed you 14 of Seattle’s most dog-friendly restaurants. Now you and Spot can head to one of 14 different dog parks after you chow down to burn off excess calories.

2. Seattle

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Paws down one of the best dog parks in The City by The Bay is Fort Funson, a former military outpost, this 35-plus acre park gives pups the chance to roam free through a variety of terrain, including sandy beaches, ocean waves and sawdust trails. After you and your companion get tired out, head down the road a few miles and sit in Adirondack chairs on the grass at Park/Beach Chalet.

3. San Francisco

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4. Denver

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5. Washington DC

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6. Austin

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7. Chicago

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Lead photo credit:Dan Brekke