6 Tips for a Stress-Free Moving Season

NeitherFanboyWhen the weather gets warmer, the last thing we want to do is be stuck inside packing. Unfortunately, spring and summer seasons are the most popular times for leases to expire and college grads to sign new ones. Hopefully, with a few of these moving tips you’ll get to spend more time outdoors enjoying the weather, and less time packaging up your belongings.


Got moving boxes?

Buying boxes isn’t your only option. Save some money by looking on Craigslist or U-Haul for free used boxes. Bookstores and supermarkets are also great places to look. Don’t forget to look around your current apartment complex to see if anyone’s just moved in – chances are, they’re looking to get rid of boxes too.


Pack a little bit at a time.

Giving yourself the deadline of packing up your entire apartment in one day (or one weekend) is stressful. Why not start earlier? Stock up on boxes, and make yourself pack a box or two every night. Set small goals, such as finishing your bookshelves or kitchen cupboards on a set night. As moving day approaches, hopefully you’ll have less to do and more time to spend on any good-byes with friends or family.


Repurpose household items for packing.

Purchasing bubble wrap and packing popcorn isn’t necessary, especially for a local move. As long as you have sturdy boxes, wrap up your fragile items in kitchen towels, blankets, or clothes. Use plastic bags or newspapers for extra padding, and you’re set.


Call a donation pick-up service.

Moving is the best time to cleanse yourself of all the stuff you don’t need. However, carting all your unwanted items to the thrift store or donation center is a chore, especially if we're talking about large furniture. See if your local Goodwill or Veterans Association schedules free pick ups – they do in many areas if you call in advance. Another option for smaller items is to look up drop-off bin locations at a nearby supermarket or drugstore.


Categorize your moving boxes.

Establishing a system for labeling your boxes will make unpacking less insane. Besides labeling the contents of the box, or which room the box should be placed, specify if the items are essential or non-essential. Set up a color-coding or label system that’s consistent. Prioritizing boxes allows you to unpack at your own pace while having access to all the important stuff.


Set aside the stuff you need immediately.

Don’t be stuck digging through boxes for your toothbrush on your first night at your new place. Set aside a duffel bag with clean sheets, towels, a change of clothing, toiletries, and any important documents you want to keep on you. If worst comes to worst (e.g. your stuff doesn’t arrive on time), you’ll have all the essentials to get you through the night.


What are your tips for making a move easier? Share with us in the comments below. 


Image by NeitherFanboy via Flickr.