5 Decorating Hacks I Learned From My Clients

As an interior designer my job is to create functional, creative, and aesthetically pleasing living spaces for my clients. I have the knowledge, the training, and the experience to pull of some amazing rooms. But, once in awhile, a client shows me a design trick that borderlines on genius and I ask myself, “how did I not know that?”

Below are five of the most ingenious time-saving and economical decorating ideas I’ve had the opportunity to learn and share with other design clients over the years. Now I’m sharing them with you – enjoy!

Area Rug Hung As Wall Art

5 hacks makelyhome
Makely Home

Large walls are expensive to fill with framed art. A medium sized area rug is the simplest way to fill that dead space coming up the stairs, down a long hallway, or even behind the living room sofa.

DIY – Swag Pendant Light

5 hacks shadesoflight
Shades of Light

Make your own pendant light fixture with the use of a pendant light kit, complete with toggle switch and plug. Hang a pair bedside above the nightstands or above an end table in the living room. By having the lights hung above these tables, you regain some valuable table top space you would have lost by using traditional table lamps.

Paint Upholstery

5 hacks youtube

Seriously! Did you know this was a thing?

Fabric spray paint is available in numerous colors and can be applied to most fabrics. The result is meant to be temporary, but if the item being painted won’t be sat upon often, it will look great for many years.

Drop Cloth Curtains

5 hacks pinterest

This one is my personal favorite!

Drop cloths are extremely economical at just $25. Wash several times (with bleach if you’d like them a little lighter) and hang with clip rings to a curtain rod. Voila – high quality, light blocking fabric that is neutral in color and works well with most decor.

Hang D-rings With The Use Of Painter’s Tape

5 hacks d ring
Pretty Handy Girl

Over the years, I’ve hung many pictures that came with the dreaded D-ring. This picture hanging trick is absolutely genius and takes just seconds to measure, level, and hang. Step-by-step directions available here, courtesy of Home Star Staging.


Header photo credit: Gardenweb