4 Tips to Help You Adjust to a New City Post-College

College is now in the rearview mirror of your life story. This is the time to take the reins of adulthood and navigate your future. Moving to a new city is a good first step, but it comes with a wide range of challenges. Don’t let culture shock get the best of you. Make the following adjustments in order to better acclimate to your new city and its culture.

Build Your Nest

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s a place that embraces you with open arms and doesn’t judge you. It’s also a reflection of your personality. Create a warm space with your creature comforts, so when the world gets chaotic, you can go home and find peace. Embrace your new home and all its little quirks. If your new home is NYC and your only apartment window opens up to the brick wall of an adjacent building, put twinkly lights around the window frame and light it up. You can also add personal items, uplifting colors and pictures of your family and friends to make it feel like home.

Get out and Explore


Once you settle into your new apartment, become more comfortable with the lay of the land and familiarize yourself with your surroundings. Locate the grocery stores you will shop in, the park you will walk to and the streets you will drive. Google Maps and Yelp are great resources for newbies.

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Meet New People


A new city offers a fresh opportunity to start a new circle of friends. Sure, you have your friends you grew up with and those you made in college, but it’s time to find some meaningful adult relationships with people with whom you share similar interests. Join organized groups through Meetup.com or locate a local sports league to connect with like-minded sports fans. You’re not the only one looking for new friends.

In addition, make an effort with your new co-workers, even if it scares you to death. Start slow by casually chatting with them in the break room about music or other interests. Then grab lunch together. Before you know it, you’ll be invited to hang outside of work.

Maintain Relationships

While you’re out there exploring and meeting new people, lean on your current friends and family for moral support. This support system is key to keeping you grounded through the myriad of emotions you will go through and experience.

Stay positive and confident when moving to a new city after graduation. It might be a difficult adjustment at first but hang in there. In time, you will find your place. Put yourself out there, though, because only you are able to carve your own future.