4 Simple Security System Options for Apartment Renters

Apartment dwellers are always on the prowl for the latest and greatest design ideas for their homes. However, too seldom addressed are the best security systems for keeping a rental unit safe. While some housing complexes offer secure entry, PIN pads or gate keys, individual units are not typically equipped with extra security measures.

Here are the best security systems to meet any renter’s safety needs that also align with most landlords’ criteria:

Motion Detectors

When most of us think of security systems, the first thing that pops into our heads is the image of lots of hardware wrapped in bunches of tangled cords. Fear not! New technology has paved the way for mobile and easy-to-use security systems.

A motion detector can be set up in any room to monitor a specified area for any irregular movement. Newer systems are wirelessly automated and can be synced with a smartphone to personalize settings and watch a live video feed. Simply pop in batteries, select your settings and enjoy the added benefit of LED nightlights with your new motion detector security system.

Door and Window Alarms

Because doors and windows are the easiest routes of intrusion, they shouldn’t go unprotected. Alarms specifically for openings like these have grown smaller and less noticeable, while simultaneously increasing in durability and accuracy. You can easily attach these devices to the frame of a window or door with an adhesive strip and control the settings from a separate device like a smartphone or remote control. Though they are small, they release a mighty, ear-piercing alarm to stop invaders in their tracks. Because these are impermanent, they are perfect for apartment dwellers.


Entry/Exit Chimes

If you would like something subtler, take a look into getting door chimes. The less intimidating cousin to the door alarm, a chime releases an abrupt but audible sound whenever someone enters or exits through a specified entryway. This is especially useful if you leave your doors unlocked or have kids coming in and out of the apartment over summer break from school, and if you have roommates, it’s a handy alert that they’ve arrived back at home. Some entry and exit chimes come with alarm settings for an extra boost of security during high-traffic events or at night.

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Video Surveillance

If you’ve been blessed with some serious square footage, you might be looking for a more advanced security system. Video surveillance is great when you have a roomy space that you can’t monitor all at once. We also recommend video surveillance for renters with pets so that you can keep an eye on both your furry friends and your security deposit. While the term “video surveillance” can be intimidating, some of the newer solutions are very easy to access and even simpler to use. Look for a design with an inconspicuously sleek look that hooks up to any tablet or smartphone for seamless integration.

Just because you rent doesn’t mean you can’t have access to top-notch home security. These surveillance systems are easy to install, effortless to use and simple to pick up and take with you somewhere else—perfect for an apartment renter.

Kerrie Kelly, a California-based designer, takes into consideration both the look of a space and the safety of it.   She provides great advice on the latest home security systems that renters can use.   Click here to see Home Depot’s big selection of security alarms.