4 Reasons to Go Apartment Hunting Over Labor Day Weekend

With Labor Day weekend just around the corner, you’re likely prioritizing parties and relaxation over apartment hunting. But, there are a few good reasons why you should use your extended time off to secure your next rental, especially when a lease conclusion is near. Devote at least one day this upcoming weekend to find your new home, and you won’t regret the benefits.

Here are the top reasons why apartment hunting over Labor Day makes sense.



Holiday Lease Signing Deals

Many landlords and building managers offer deals over holidays like Labor Day because their traffic slows. Scope out advertisements in your city through social media updates, including apartment building Facebook pages or Twitter profiles. If there’s a rental property you’re particularly interested in, call the property manager or leasing office to inquire about Labor Day weekend signing deals. Keep in mind that multi-family offices typically aren’t open on Labor Day itself – you need to plan ahead of time and maximize your Saturday and Sunday hours.

Extra Time to Review Your Options

Allocate your extended weekend to comparing potential apartments and going over amenities with roommates or loved ones. Most high-demand markets don’t give lessees the time to deliberate. Apartments go fast and if you spend too much time weighing your options, you risk missing out on your dream rental. But, with Monday off – when most leasing offices are closed – hopeful renters have the opportunity to “sleep on it” without another tenant swooping in before they’ve signed.

Diminished Competition

As mentioned before, there is little to no competition on Labor Day itself if offices are closed and not accepting applications. However, many people are traveling the days prior as well. Use Saturday and Sunday to search for a new rental at your leisure. While others are using the long weekend to travel, you can have a more relaxing, at-ease apartment hunting experience. You might even get a better pick at showing times, allowing you to work around fun activities like a friend’s barbecue or pool party.

Labor Day Marks the End of the Summer Leasing Season

Most agents and experienced renters are familiar with the hectic summer housing season, and unit pricing reflects high demand. Things tend to slow down in the Fall, specifically after Labor Day when college students are moved in and families with small children have locked down their housing before the little ones are back in school. As demand slows, prices should drop, providing renters on a budget more options in their search.

If you’ve got a big trip planned this weekend, don’t fear. But, if you have some free time and aren’t traveling, the extended weekend is opportune for house hunters. Schedule a showing or two and get a head start in your rental search.