3 Ways to Add Warmth to Industrial Design

By Julia Marchand

We love industrial design for its grounding atmosphere and utilitarianism, but one downfall of the style is its lack of personal charm. While pictures of industrial interiors on Pinterest are undeniably appealing, in reality these spaces run the risk of feeling cold and uncomfortable. But don’t give up your industrial daydreams just yet. To translate the look to your own home, simply add in these three simple elements.


  1. Get personal with metal wall art.

Having your own photos printed on metal will allow you to incorporate a bit of personality into your space without compromising an industrial aesthetic. This sleek printing style maintains the tone while bringing a touch of friendliness via your family photos. How many pictures do you snap every day? Of those, how many are eventually printed? Most peoples’ pictures never make it off of their phones, but it’s really easy to have them printed online, and displaying them is the best way to make a space your own.


  1. Freshen up with greenery.

An easy way to breathe life into any room is by including plants. They will actually freshen your air, and since industrial décor can be dark and hard, plants will also create a vibrant, living atmosphere that prevents your home from feeling stagnant. Not a green thumb? There are plenty of plants available that can survive drought and darkness and even thrive on being left alone—start with some low-maintenance succulents and cacti, then go from there.


  1. Soften sharp lines with organic textures.

Industrial style is all about metal, brick and hard woods. Balance all of that structured mechanical décor with something soft and asymmetrical like a faux sheepskin rug. Use simple natural accents like this strewn about the apartment so they don’t overwhelm, but still soften the environment. Any light, natural texture will do! Hey, if you’re really good, maybe you can even find a way to work feathers into your décor.

When done right, an industrial apartment is strikingly desirable. The minimalism of curating a space that is functional and simple makes for streamlined living. If you’re itching to try it out for yourself, just make sure you include a few personal touches to warm it up, lest you feel as though you’re living in a warehouse. And, as always, enjoy the process of making your place into your home!

About the author:

Julia Marchand is a Home Décor and DIY blogger for Shutterfly, and describes herself as a vintage-lover, serial crafter and avid reader. She is enjoying life as a first time mommy in her New England home state, New Hampshire. Find more home designing tips on Julia’s blog, or follow her on Twitter!