2018’s Neighborhoods to Watch

What’s cooler than being in the hottest neighborhood in the city? Being in the neighborhood that’s about to be the hottest neighborhood in the city. You’re a trendsetter – you can spot what’s going to be hot before everyone else can. You probably stopped rocking a man bun and drinking La Croix because you know tap water is making a comeback and man buns are so extra. You’ve likely found a place with easy access to restaurants, bars and transit, with the added benefit of having cheaper rents and less crowds to compete with.

If this sounds like you and you live in San Francisco, Chicago or Atlanta, you might want to keep your eye on our neighborhoods to watch in 2018. Like our predictions for 2018’s hottest neighborhoods, these neighborhoods have rent and home values that are expected to increase, fewer for-sale listings with price cuts, and an uptick in listing views on HotPads. HOWEVER, these neighborhoods also have the added bonus of having a median rent that is lower than the city as a whole, saving renters a little bit of that money but adding that cool factor that places like Greenpoint had in a pre-Girls era.

In San Francisco, a majority of the hottest neighborhoods for 2018 are already on the affordable side. Just one of our hottest neighborhoods –  West Portal – clocks in with a median rent price higher than the city of San Francisco’s. West Portal’s departure clears a spot for Bayview on our list of San Francisco neighborhoods to watch. Voted Curbed San Francisco’s Neighborhood of the Year in 2016, this tight-knit community has seen an uptick in development over the last few years. Like many hot neighborhoods for 2018, Bayview rests on the southern end of the city. Median rents in the neighborhood are $3,859 – about $450 less per month than renters can expect to pay in San Francisco as a whole.

Chicago renters are especially lucky, because all ten of 2018’s hottest neighborhoods have a median rent price below the city’s. So if you’re looking for the next wave of hipsters in Chicago, keep an eye on the coffee shops and independent bookstores in Brainerd, Buena Park and Morgan Park – the people hanging out here know what’s up.

In Atlanta, six of the ten hottest neighborhoods for 2018 boast an estimated monthly rent price lower than the city median. Grove Park, Southwest, Venetian Hills, Greenbriar, Adair Park and Polar Rock are both desirable and affordable, but other Atlanta neighborhoods to keep an eye on next year include Dixie Hills, Lakewood, Ashview Heights and Perkerson. With amenities including Perkerson Park, Anderson Park and Lakewood Amphitheatre nearby, renters in these areas can hang out near home all while keeping more money in their pocket. In all four of these neighborhoods, rents are expected to rise in the coming year, as more and more of HotPads visitors check out their rental listings.

Check out our full list of next year’s neighborhoods to watch below, or take a look at list of 2018’s hottest neighborhoods here.


HotPads’ Neighborhoods to Watch in San Francisco for 2018

San Francisco’s median rent: $4,309

Rank Neighborhood Neighborhood Median Renti Rent Appreciation Rankingii Home Value Forecast Page View Rankingiii
1 Ingleside $3,796 7 1.7% 1
2 Silver Terrace $3,840 8 0.5% 4
3 Little Hollywood $3,666 2 1.0% 9
4 Central Sunset $4,200 18 2.2% 10
5 Sunnyside $4,095 15 1.0% 5
6 Outer Parkside $3,854 10 2.2% 17
7 Merced Heights $3,833 13 0.7% 7
8 Crocker-Amazon $3,814 9 2.1% 20
9 Visitacion Valley $3,649 6 2.5% 34
10 Bayview $3,859 11 2.5% 15


HotPads’ Neighborhoods to Watch in Chicago for 2018

Chicago’s median rent: $1,667

Rank Neighborhood Neighborhood Median Rent Rent Appreciation Ranking Home Value Forecast YoY Change of Listings with a Price Cut Page View Ranking
1 Brainerd $1,390 29 3.0% -7.9% 43
2 Buena Park $1,609 55 2.2% -9.3% 87
3 Morgan Park $1,394 9 1.5% -3.7% 54
4 Marquette Park $1,385 24 1.9% -3.7% 69
5 Archer Heights $1,463 49 3.1% 0.1% 31
6 Kenwood $1,507 48 2.3% -5.0% 100
7 Hegewisch $1,300 2 2.3% 16.2% 26
8 Ashburn $1,476 36 -1.1% 0.9% 11
9 Rogers Park $1,455 31 2.5% -2.9% 134
10 Washington Heights $1,346 8 1.2% NA 7


HotPads’ Neighborhoods to Watch in Atlanta for 2018

Atlanta’s median rent: $1,533

Rank Neighborhood Neighborhood Median Rent Rent Appreciation Ranking Home Value Forecast YoY Change of Listings with a Price Cut Page View Ranking
1 Grove Park $1,024 10 NA -10.5% 63
2 Southwest $1,125 26 11.0% NA 10
3 Venetian Hills $968 5 5.8% NA 13
4 Greenbriar $1,101 15 8.2% NA 52
5 Adair Park $1,137 20 6.1% NA 38
6 Polar Rock $927 2 2.3% NA 34
7 Dixie Hills $913 16 6.5% NA 40
8 Lakewood $996 7 1.4% NA 7
9 Ashview Heights $1,002 19 NA NA 5
10 Perkerson $949 22 NA NA 6


[i] Median rent reflects data from the September Zillow Real Estate Market Report.

[ii] The HotPads Rent Forecast measures how much rent within a neighborhood will rise in the coming year. The ranking is among all neighborhoods analyzed.

[iii] To determine the Page View Rank for the ten neighborhoods to watch in a city, HotPads compared the total number of page views on a neighborhoods’ HotPads listings among the neighborhoods analyzed.