10 Best Neighborhoods Series: #5 Fields Corner, Dorchester, Massachusetts

Editors Note: America is filled with great places. The eclectic pulse of Manhattan’s streets or Lake Tahoe’s white sandy shores may come to mind. But great places, neighborhoods and streets can be found hiding in plain sight in the cities in which we live and work.

The American Association of Planning (APA) has unveiled its list of Best Neighborhoods for 2014. HotPads will feature each of the top 10 neighborhoods in posts over the next several days. Stay tuned and find out if your neighborhood made the list.

#5 Fields Corner, Dorchester, Massachusetts

Around 11,000 people travel through Fields Corner each day on the MBTA Red Line, about half the number who reside in this historic neighborhood, which has been a trade and transit hub since the early 1800s.

Home to a large number of transplants from Vietnam, Ireland and Cape Verde, the area’s cultural diversity and historic roots made it the number 5 pick on The APA’s 2014 Best Neighborhoods list.

Fields Corner is home to the nation’s first Vietnamese Community Center, Viet-AID, which provides affordable housing, a community garden and a variety of programs for those in the community.

Thanks to an $18 million streetscape improvement project, the neighborhood recently got a facelift including, new bike lanes, wider sidewalks, additional trees and efficient lighting.

Residents of Dorchester are proud of where they are from and have been known to don t-shirts that say “OFD” – Originally From Dorchester.

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