10 Best Neighborhood Series: #8 Arbor Hill – Albany, New York

Editors Note: America is filled with great places. The eclectic pulse of Manhattan’s streets or Lake Tahoe’s white sandy shores may come to mind. But great places, neighborhoods and streets can be found hiding in plain sight in the cities in which we live and work.

The American Association of Planning (APA) has unveiled its list of Best Neighborhoods for 2014. HotPads will feature each of the top 10 neighborhoods in posts over the next 8 days. Stay tuned and find out if your neighborhood made the list.

#8 Arbor Hill, Albany, New York

Like rooting for the underdog? Then you’ll like this story.

Longtime residents of the Arbor Hill neighborhood in Albany, New York have worked tirelessly over the last few years to revamp commercial buildings, renovate homes and reduce the rampant crime that had previously plagued its Lexington Avenue corridor. Their efforts are now being rewarded. The APA has listed Arbor Hill number 8 on its 2014 list of Best Neighborhoods.

The distinction is in no small part due to the community’s revitalization efforts, which have included the rehab and development of 200 housing units, the addition of 79,000 square feet of retail and community space, the formation of a Neighborhood Association and updated parks.

Arbor Hill is home to the only pool open year-round in Albany and in 2010, the neighborhood got its own branch library.

Quaint homes line the streets and historic districts run throughout the neighborhood, housing important historic structures, like abolitionists Stephen and Harriet Myers’ House which was used as part of the Underground Railroad. It is also currently undergoing restoration.

The Albany Barn was developed this year as a collaboration between the Albany Housing Authority and the City of Albany. The space provides low-cost live/work space for artists along with 13,500 square feet of creative arts space including, rehearsal space, dance studio and digital media lab.

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Lead photo courtesy of: Albany Barn Facebook Page