10 Best Neighborhood Series: #6 Greater Belhaven, Jackson, Mississippi

Editors Note: America is filled with great places. The eclectic pulse of Manhattan’s streets or Lake Tahoe’s white sandy shores may come to mind. But great places, neighborhoods and streets can be found hiding in plain sight in the cities in which we live and work.

The American Association of Planning (APA) has unveiled its list of Best Neighborhoods for 2014. HotPads will feature each of the top 10 neighborhoods in posts over the next several days. Stay tuned and find out if your neighborhood made the list.

#6 Greater Belhaven, Jackson, Mississippi

The APA’s number 6 pick on its 2014 Best Neighborhoods list is Greater Belhaven. But this isn’t the neighborhood’s first brush with fame. If you’ve read (or watched the movie) The Help, you’ll recognize it as the neighborhood where many of the main characters live.

Comprised of two historic neighborhoods, Belhaven Heights and Belhaven, the area personifies America’s historic class and racial divide.

Mansions in Greater Belhaven were built by the wealthy while their servants built cottages and bungalows. Today, the diversity of the architecture and ample green spaces has attracted an eclectic mix of writers, artists, doctors and lawyers.

The Belhaven Historic District is the largest historic district in Mississippi with 1,306 contributing structures, one of which is the Welty House, the home where Pulitzer prize-winner Eudora Welty lived from 1925 to 2001.

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