The 10 Best Neighborhoods in Austin

Austin is a vibrant, eclectic city with something for everyone. From thriving art and music scenes to great independent businesses, you’ll find plenty to see and do if you choose to make Austin your home.

But where in Austin is right for you?

We’ve rounded up 10 of the best Austin neighborhoods and put them all on a map, to help you find the place that best fits you:

1. North Campus

Nestled between the University of Texas and Hyde Park, North Campus offers a great mix of apartments and single-family homes and has a largely student population, which makes it a great place for young singletons. It’s highly walkable (ranked third-best Austin neighborhood for pedestrians) and offers lots of unique coffee shops, bars, restaurants and stores.

2. West Campus

Also highly walkable, West Campus is another great choice for single people and undergrads (only around 10% of its residents are married). Considered highly in-demand by local real estate agents, West Campus’s main feature is the Drag, where you’ll find stores, restaurants, late-night coffee shops and all-night diners to keep you busy.

Image courtesy Flickr / Jennifer Holcombe

3. Old West Austin

Often considered the most in-demand neighborhood in Austin, Old West Austin ranks high in everything from historic charm (beautiful homes with well-kept lawns) to restaurants to walkability.

Old West Austin features renovated historic homes from the early- to mid-20th century and has pretty views of both the city and hill country. The neighborhood sits on the National Register of Historic Places.

4. North Loop

If you’re a fan of “keeping Austin weird,” North Loop should appeal to you. A favorite of young professionals, hipsters and even young families, it boasts great restaurants, vintage stores and quirky fixer-upper homes that are rapidly being swooped up.

5. Hyde Park

All about Austin’s history? Then you’ll love Hyde Park, where residents take great pride in preserving the neighborhood’s historic look and feel. Charming Victorian houses and big shady trees grace the quiet streets, and the neighborhood’s quirky coffee shops attract young professionals and artistic types alike.

6. Circle C Ranch

If you’d prefer to avoid the hustle-and-bustle of downtown but still want to be close to lots of urban amenities, Circle C could be for you. It’s a master planned community that’s great for families with young children and offers everything from bike tracks to tennis courts to golf courses. Prices are moderate for so much convenience.

7. Clarksville

If you prefer timeless class to flashy trends, the Clarksville Historic District could easily steal your heart. Young professionals and young families will like this neighborhood, which borders Old West Austin and is located close to Austin’s business district but offers the feel of a charming suburban neighborhood.

Clarksville is the oldest surviving freedom town (a post-Civil War settlement created by freed former slaves) west of the Mississippi, and it belongs on the National Register of Historic Places.

Image courtesy Flickr / The Austonian

8. Downtown Austin

Number one in walkability, variety of restaurants and “being at the heart of the action,” Downtown Austin is perfect for those looking for endless possibilities of things to do. And it’s not all urban hotspots; in addition to plenty of food, fun and music, downtown is also home to hiking and biking trails (around Lady Bird Lake), Austin’s Children Museum (if you have little ones) and much more. Just beware—you’re looking at apartments and condos if you choose to live here, so it may not work if you like to sprawl out.

9. Gateway

Trendy and chock-full of great restaurants, Gateway is great for foodies. It’s also got a high singles population, with only about 25% of its residents being married. Rents are a bit on the high side, however, (a testament to how popular the area is), and you’ll probably need a car to get around comfortably, especially when commuting to work.

10. Zilker

If you’re the active sort, you’ll love the neighborhood around Zilker Park. It’s got plenty of room for you (and your four-legged friends), where you can enjoy everything from hiking and biking to volleyball and golf to canoeing. Music fans will also love the many concerts hosted there, including the Austin City Limits Music Festival.

Cover photo courtesy of Brandon Watts.